Friends of St Andrew's

The Parish Church of St Andrew, Stratton, Cornwall

Our Mission: to help preserve and maintain the building and churchyard for future generations

About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit the FoStA web site - we very much hope you will consider becoming a Friend of St Andrew’s Church in Stratton.

We are sure you will agree that our church of St Andrew is a very fine example of a mediaeval church, such as one sees throughout the country. We have been given a Grade 1 listed status in recognition of this.

Sadly however, having a beautiful church makes considerable demands on our regular congregation: at present, it is our responsibility to maintain the building and churchyard not only for those who worship here at the moment, but also for the generations to come.

Although the congregation spends time raising funds and contributes generously each week to our prime objectives of ministry and mission, it is difficult to find the resources we need to fund the maintenance work.

The “Friends of St Andrew’s Church” has therefore been set up to help us preserve this Church for the benefit of everyone. All the contributions of the “Friends” will go towards the fabric of the building and the upkeep of the Churchyard, enabling regular members of the congregation to focus on the important work of the Gospel.

The initial publicity and set up costs of FoStA have been funded through a generous donation from our Founding Sponsor, Mrs Coral Forshew. For this we thank her and ask that you will follow her lead and help preserve this beautiful church for all time.