Friends of St Andrew's

The Parish Church of St Andrew, Stratton, Cornwall

Our Mission: to help preserve and maintain the building and churchyard for future generations

FoStA’s Mission

The sole purpose of FoStA is to raise funds to help preserve, maintain and improve the fabric of this historic building of St Andrew’s and its ancient graveyard – as the cost of doing so becomes an increasingly heavier burden on the regular congregation.

Every five years the church and churchyard are inspected by the Diocesan architect and he gives the Parochial Church Council (PCC) a detailed report of his findings. This is known as the Quinquennial Report.

He advises on what needs to be undertaken and whether or not the work is of an urgent nature – ie to be done within a year – or if it can be safely left to a later date. However, the work must still be undertaken before the end of the quinquennium (five year period).

This report, and its recommendations, are what mainly drives the PCC, through the Fabric Committee, to undertake ‘projects’ to carry out the necessary rectifications. In addition to the work identified by the Quinquennial Report, unforeseen and emergency situations occur (eg storm damage causing the loss of roof slates or damage to trees in the churchyard) and on some occasions improvements are made at the suggestion or request of members of the church family and Priest in Charge.

In certain situations the PCC will ask if FoStA can help finance some or all of the work.

All requests from the PCC for help are very carefully considered by the FoStA committee before committing to any grant.

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