Friends of St Andrew's

The Parish Church of St Andrew, Stratton, Cornwall

Our Mission: to help preserve and maintain the building and churchyard for future generations

FoStA’s Mission

The sole purpose of FoStA is to raise funds to help preserve, maintain and improve the fabric of this historic building of St Andrew’s and its ancient graveyard – as the cost of doing so becomes an increasingly heavier burden on the regular congregation.

Every five years the church and churchyard are inspected by the Diocesan architect and he gives the Parochial Church Council (PCC) a detailed report of his findings. This is known as the Quinquennial Report.

He advises on what needs to be undertaken and whether or not the work is of an urgent nature – ie to be done within a year – or if it can be safely left to a later date. However, the work must still be undertaken before the end of the quinquennium (five year period).

This report, and its recommendations, are what mainly drive the PCC, through the Fabric Committee, to undertake ‘projects’ to carry out the necessary rectifications. In addition to the work identified by the Quinquennial Report, unforeseen and emergency situations occur (e.g. storm damage causing the loss of roof slates or damage to trees in the churchyard) and on some occasions improvements are made at the suggestion or request of members of the church family and Priest in Charge.

In certain situations the PCC will ask if FoStA can help finance some or all of the work.

All requests from the PCC for help are very carefully considered by the FoStA committee before committing to any grant.

Completed Projects



Contribution from FoStA



Wall repairs near Diddies Road gate by Vanstone Builders


September 2022


Sanctuary Lane wall repairs and strengthening by Langleaves Tree Surgery and Landscaping


April 2022


7 Griselinia hedging plants and 2 bags of compost


December 2022

Chancel roof

Repairs by Able Roofing Services


March 2022

Church interior

New oak notice boards and pamphlet holder by M T Collins


January 2022


8 bags of peat-free compost


November 2021


Hawthorn hedging from Buckingham’s Nursery


November 2021


Kitchen items including plate warmer and serving dishes


October 2021


Purchase of Kitchen fire blanket and signage


October 2021

Church interior

New wireless Microphone system, Kernow Installations Ltd.


May 2021

Churchyard upkeep

Treework, stump removal etc. Langleaves Ltd.


September 2021


Kitchen build and installation of all units, equipment, finishes & services


August 2020

Lychgate refurbishment

Repairs & refurbishment undertaken by Mervyn Collins.


March 2020




Routine churchyard maintenance and tree surgery






General churchyard maintenance

Grass cutting, path clearing etc



January 2018

Interior Floor Tiles

Floor tiling made good in the nave and other internal areas



May 2017

New Churchyard Path

Path renewed from Lych Gate to West Door and at the junction to the south. Contractor: Michael Vanstone



April 2017

Internal Lighting

Enhanced Lighting in the Nave and Side Aisles was installed by Holdcroft Electrical



 December  2016

Internal Decorating

Areas that required ‘finishing off’ were completed by the firm of L. Wellington



May 2016

External re-mortaring

NorthWest corner of the church was re-mortared by the firm Hiax. Scaffolding was required


May 2016

New Church Guide Book

Guide reviewed and reprinted after preparation of artwork and editing


March 2016

New Diocesan Flag

Purchase of a new St George’s Flag incorporating the Diocesan Coat of Arms plus a new Halyard. (Specific Donation from FoSTA Member)


March 2016

Repairs to the North Aisle & Chancel Guttering and Internal Decoration (Plastering and Lime Wash)

Complete replacement of the rainwater goods with stainless steel gutters and brackets by Hiax Ltd.

Decorating of the north, west and south walls of the church and the Upper Room by L J Wellington

Grant from FoStA for £4,100.37 towards the total cost of £12,016.21

September to December 2015

Lych Gate

Repairs to roof ridge, slates and lime plaster by Denner and Parnell

Grant from FoStA for the total cost of £169.20

June 2015

Churchyard Tree Surgery

Roadside bush trimming undertaken by Sharp Edge Tree Surgery

Grant from FoStA for the total cost of £80

January 2015

New Floodlights at West End of Church

Installed by Holdcroft Electrical and Lighing

Grant from FoStA for the total cost of £297.55

October 2014

Portable Tabletops

Portable table tops for back pews made

Grant from FoStA for the total cost of £24

May 2014

Solar Powered Lights

Installed along the Diddies Road Churchyard path

Grant from FoStA of £40 towards the total cost of £49.82

February 2014

Renewal of Lighting Cable

Renewal and associated remedial work carried out by Holdcroft Electrical and Lighting

Grant from FoStA for the total cost of £2,877.05

February 2014


New bulb required and Dawn to Dusk Sensor fitted

Grant from FoStA for the total cost of £64.80

September 2013

Repairs to Frontal and Superfrontal

The Ancient Festival Frontal and Superfrontal has been repaired and restored by Mrs Susan Rescorla, a lady who was recommended by the Diocesan Advisory Committee who kindly carried out the work without charge for her services, with FoStA reimbursing her expenses

The cost of materials was £100 - paid by a specific donation through FoStA

Autumn 2012

South wall refurbishment

The external mortar on this wall, from the Tower to the Priest’s door, from ground to window sill level, has been removed and replaced with the correct lime mortar as recommended by the church architect. At the same time new stainless steel fastenings were installed for three wall mounted monuments.

This work was undertaken by the firm Hiax from Bideford

The cost was £6,766.80p (incl. VAT) and FoStA has made a grant to the PCC for the total cost.

August 2012

Tower and church roof

Pointing and crack repairs to Merlons around the top of the Tower and pointing to the fillet above the lead over the stair turret.

Repairs to slipped slates and fixing loose ridge tiles on main church roof.

Total cost (including VAT) was £1308

The total cost was met by a grant to the PCC from FoStA

April 2012

Work on storm damaged and unsafe tree in Churchyard

Following a storm in December 2011, a large branch of a Horse Chestnut tree (near the east end of the Church) broke away and landed in a garden neighbouring Churchyard.

The tree is subject to a Tree Preservation Order so permission of Cornwall Council was required based on advice from the County Forrester to pollard the whole tree to 4 metres height - in the interests of safety of the nearby graves and church windows. The work was carried out by a local firm .

Grant by FoStA to the PCC of £330

Work carried out - 10th January 2012

Tower - clock support and bell chamber louvres

The Clock kept stopping as the hands jammed due to a loose support.  A new steel rod support was installed.  At the same time, the slate louves of the bell chamber windows were inspected and found to be safe.

Grant from FoStA of £564

November 2011

Water tap in churchyard

The extension of the churchyard 20 years ago resulted in many graves being at least 100 yards from the nearest tap. After encouragement of a FoStA member, it was decided to extend the underground water supply to the north end of the central dividing wall and install a further tap for the use of people placing flowers on graves.  FoStA received a donation to cover the cost of this project - to be carried out in Spring 2011.

Paid for by a donation to FoStA specifically for this project

Spring 2011

Repair to Stone Cross

Parts of the stone cross on the roof apex broke off - necessitating its removal, repair and replacement,

Paid for with a grant of £548

End 2010

Redecoration (with limewash)

Redecoration of the Sanctuary, Lady Chapel and St Andrew’s Chapel.  (Limewash was essential because of the age and construction of the building.)

FoStA made a grant of £3321

Spring 2010

Church lighting project

New fittings and energy saving lighting being installed due to obsolete lamps and worn out fittings.

Grants were made by FoStA of £3,098 towards the total cost of £10,792

Spring 2010

Tower floodlighting

To replace damaged and dangerous floodlight

A grant of £185 was made

December 2008

East Window Restoration (Update, June 2023)

If you have looked at this page in the past you will have seen reference to the East Window being considered for a grant from the Diocesan Advisory Board. St Andrew’s was not successful in this process and if the work is to be undertaken the church itself will have to take ownership of the project.